On Linux Nomenclature

There’s approximately 28.3 gazillion Twitter-related websites out there in the intertubes, and one of them happens to be Tweetvolume, which is like Googlefight, but for Twitter. I’m sure there’s all manner of cool stuff you can do with it, but I mainly use Twitter to follow and update my friends, not to see what’s going on in the world in general. That said, I did try this:

which I thought was interesting. As far as I can see, this confirms that my views of what people should call an operating system that contains the Linux kernel. That is: a) Use the distro name whenever you’re not talking about Linux in general [Good: "Even though Linux is faster than Windows, Ubuntu is still pretty slow." and "I use Ubuntu."] b) Use “Linux” to refer to the general family of Linux distros. Yes, the GNU project plays a vital role, but since “Linux” by itself is both shorter and more common, I think we should run with it.


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